I Planted My Climbing Rose Today….

I never thought I would be able to have another climbing rose outside of my home, but I planted one today. It is called Lady Bank’s Climbing Rose. It is a pastel yellow, thornless rose with a mild fragrance. I am so happy that I had some room left for this one. It looks beautiful in my front landscaped area. I have this little white picket fence and post that will do nicely for this climber and because it has no thorns it is a very comfortable and safe entry way adornment. And this rose is the only rose on the approved list of plant materials for my HOA governed community. I am very careful about adhering to all the planting rules in Meadow Park, the community where I live right now… I make sure that I follow the planting rules precisely and the results are outstanding… Now I feel like I have really achieved something here. I have overcome so much adversity in my living situation here in Meadow Park over the past 9 years. I have achieved total independence as an Owner of my Town Home! I do not owe anyone any money! I do not have any debt! What a feeling that is… It is such a good feeling to know that I have total control over my home living arrangement! There is no other feeling that surpasses this one. It is the most comfortable and calm feeling ever. I feel happy and can rest and relax because my home is so well guarded and safe. No person or company can do anything to me about my home!!! My home will never be taken away from me, thank goodness! The rest of this summer I will enjoy watching my Lady Banks rose grow and bloom. It is only going to get better from this day on because I was finally able to plant this very special old fashioned rose. Here is a picture of what it looks like in full bloom:

Lady Banks Climbing Rose

Lady Banks Climbing Rose

What a beauty this one is!

And here are the pictures of what the rose plant looks like right now! Of course it will change a lot over the next few weeks.

Lady Banks Rose

Lady Banks Rose

Lady Banks Rose

Lady Banks Rose

Lady Banks Rose

Lady Banks Rose on the Fence with Organic Lavender in Front


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