My Hidden Object Game On The Universe Continues

I know that many, many people like to go to the movies and watch fairy tales about nothing these days… I am certain that these people are only here for a short while too. They are all mind-controlled to attend these functions… They are not real and will not survive into the new world for very long… They are not prepared for what is going to happen soon. And so they are just led on and on believing in these nonsense things and pay a lot of money to do nothing real…

I left that mind-controlled life many years ago.. I used to do those things too but escaped. I was led around and lived a very set up life without realizing it. Somehow I left that all behind me.. I am not quite sure how I did it, but it happened anyway..

My life now consists of a universal function.. And that is all. I do not engage in any spiritual games or routine spiritual activities such as the holiday stuff going on right now… I am far beyond that.

I still am in the midst of my own Hidden Object Game… I see myself as Healer of this Universe… I am in search of some hidden objects that are very meaningful to me… I have obtained one of them and still need a few more to complete this Universal game…

As I move along, I feel I am getting closer to another object which I am in search of… And this again is the proof that I was not raised by my real birth parents… I am searching for some kind of legal document stating I was “adopted”… This is next on my list as I move forward into my new world…

I was able to obtain an important hidden document already which ensured my safety in this current living environment… That document is with me and will always be with me as proof that I was able to get to the real truth in this negative, hostile community… I keep it as my prize for all the time I put into trying to make this place safer …And when I leave here, I know things will not go well for many people around here… That is I am going to say about that…

Living  a lie is not living at all. It is not real or good. I was immersed in a life of liars and I am gone from that place forever…

I hate liars….

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