Closing Down the Old World World Opens Up the New One!

I find this to be so true. Today I experienced this in reality..

I am so confident now that everything is real and opening up for me… I can feel it..

When you are universally connected, you automatically close down the spiritual controls and all that happens is the best and only options for you… This is because the spiritual controls have always made life very difficult and challenging.. And once these controls are removed completely from you and your world, you are in full control and nothing ever goes wrong…

I even said “Go with the flow” out loud to a very important person today and he instantly agreed! So I know that this is really my world now….

Thank Goodness for that!

Two years ago I created on December 15, 2013… I am amazed at what has happened since then.. I can see that by blogging my story in the real world I have made my life more positive and real… I am happy to be here on WordPress and nothing will ever change that, even though I am protected and private for now… Maybe in the future I will not have to be …





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