Spiritual Energy Purging is Making Things Happen the Right Way- Believe it or Not…

This month is my most powerful month of the year. That is because it is my real birthday month. Although my birth certificate says I was born in November, that is not true. That was the month in which I was adopted… I just know this…And so, the energies that are around me still are at their lowest point ever right now. And this is the best time to purge them all completely out, before they can set up anything else.  I do this by staying away from pretty much everyone except my immediate family. This separation effectively stops all the bad people from coming my way. Therefore, their spiritual energies are gone forever. And the bad people have “no more time” to do their evil deeds…

Without another host to keep them connected, all that the energies can do is purge and merge onto the universe. There is no interaction between me and other people’s energies which can have very negative endings….So, as this month goes by, the events of the spiritual world are really affected by this tremendous spiritual energy purging.  And I am not concerned at all what people say about me. Their words mean nothing. I know who I am. I can tell you what is going to happen and it does. That is because I am Healer, the most powerful human healer ever.. I just know these things…AND therefore:

I am very sure that this world is getting rid of all the criminals finally…..And I know that July is so easy and mellow right now that I can do whatever I really want to do. I have always been able to do that. I can plan and make my words heard here on my blog and it changes things again.

My words affect what is happening in the spiritual world. I can talk about something here on my blog and the energies affecting that scenario will purge…I’ll just watch the events play out for the rest of this month and see the results of my powerful spiritual energy purging. That is all I have to do now. Purging spiritual energies…What a fun and easy life I have now…I am just being the real me…Healer.

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