There is a Sunflower Growing in My Garden

What a pleasant surprise! Here, I though it was some sort of beanstalk. It is definitely not a bean stalk. The leaves are beginning their slant toward the sun and I see the tiny flower developing inside. The flower stalk is 4 feet tall now and will get even taller. Here is what it looks like right now:

Sunflower in healer's Garden 06/28/14

Sunflower in Healer’s Garden 06/28/14

The funny thing is  how sure I was it was a beanstalk. I had this idea implanted in my mind. I even told my sons and a neighbor it was a bean stalk. But it isn’t. It’s obviously a sunflower stalk! I can see how even now I can be fooled by those negative energies around me. I also purchased a set of yarn recently in the same color that I purchased exactly one year ago! And totally forgot about it. I just figured it out and now I am making other items to accessorize this Bernat Satin Forest Mist Heather shawl I created last June 2013. I have added some trim to the shawl and will make a purse and maybe a hat of some kind. I am wondering if there is anything else I am being fooled about these days. I am sure the days ahead are going to be very interesting and enjoyable too. I have told the community where I live that I was born here many years ago. I also had the great news that my home value increased $120,000.00 this past year. That is simply amazing.

What else can happen? I am not really sure, but I am so ready for good things to happen. And this is the time I have finally reached on this very lengthy and sometimes boring healing/purging journey. I want the good times to happen and the fun to begin. And starting July 1st, the new fiscal year is going to be a very prosperous one for me, Healer! I just know that now. I can tell that everything finally has turned around in the right direction, and evil has been conquered! I won that game and I deserve the winnings that go along with being the victor! And because I have purged out all the spiritual energies that set up everything wrong, this good situation stays just like this and never gets bad again!

For those of you who would like to see more of my community you can read my other blog here on wordpress:  Maybe one day I will only have blog and then maybe none. But for now, I have these two!

Hope your summer is happening the way you want it to. I am sure my real birthday is coming right up in July. That is what feels right to me. I will be turning 56 and feel like a new person.  I feel real and I can say and do anything I want to do and good things happen all the time as a result. And people are finally noticing.

Having a sunflower growing magically in your garden is a very good thing for a Healer. It is all about the sun and its powerful energy which I am very connected to. The sunflower grows in the sun’s direction and makes the world smile. It is a beautiful flower of nature and sometime this summer it will be blooming for all of us here in my home. It is not a stupid beanstalk, thank goodness. Those things are only in fairy tales.  And I am not a fairy tale, I am very real…

The story of Healer will be told again and again. It is a very true story of deceit and evil and how Healer was able to overcome all of that and succeed anyway. That is what people will remember about me, but I will always be here anyways, because my sunflower finally got to  grow in my garden!


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