The Game is Healer Poker


And Healer is the Dealer. Now I do not gamble anymore but I used to. I was raised in a fake spirit family that thought gambling was OK.

Here is my version of the infamous poker game, Healer style:

There is a game table in my place. The players are Ducey, Nicholls, Flake, Trump the Chump, the other Senator and Shooter who is trying to get his seat back.

“I only serve water boys. That’s the drink in this house.”

These are actual names of politicians here in Arizona! This made me immediately think of a poker game from the good old Wild West days. I just had to add our president to the group as he fits right in as the rich guy from back east.

My poker game is quite simple. I always win. I send these guys On the Universe so they go far away from the Earth. However they do not know I am really doing it. They do not get it. It is happening right in front of them but they cannot see it. They continue to place bets and lose, but that does not stop them. They cannot stop their endless betting and losing. Their money comes back to me.

That is why I call it Healer Poker. 🖒

Only in a powerful Universe Time can Healer Poker exist. Since this is a powerful Universe Time, Healer Poker is in full swing actively removing money from the hands of politicians and putting it back where it needs to go.

Water is also returning to it rightful locations, especially in Healers’ refrigerators everywhere. Cold water is the only liquid that is needed to live. Drinking water is the best way to make our world live. Our water is returning and will never leave because spirit control over the money is over and done.