2022 is A Powerful Universe Year

Finally we are approaching the most powerful year in human history. There has never been a time like this as our race of humans was always under spiritual control. Not so now. Humans are now becoming spirit free for the first time ever. This year ended spiritual control over my family. We are the first family to purge out our spirit world completely. Cool.

So, things are definitely happening the right way. We have lived a healing time like no other. We are moving closer and closer to our Universe Mates now. That’s what happens at the end of your spirit world. And be prepared for a real human being as all spirit games are gone forever. Spirit sides are purged and no longer exist. So sweet!

We live one day to the next and see this happen automatically. So fun! 2022 is a few weeks away. This is the year of the 2s, the year powerful Universe couples reunite at long last.

Universe Family Healing is available to anyone who wants to be spirit free. Families heal together then we find our Universe Mates ❤ . It is real. Get your Universe connection going right now. Contact me.