The Emerging of a Gun Free Homeland

I was so happy to read yesterday that our AZ Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed 2 bills having to do with guns and schools. I had sent her an email regarding this on Sunday, 2 days ago, to veto the one allowing parents not to be held accountable if they “accidentally” take guns on public school campuses. Apparently the other vetoed bill was allowing public schools to teach gun safety. Both of those bills are forever banned from my homeland. Now I know that the trend towards gun safety will take a different approach, the only one that is right. I know that our Universe is in control too. I know that Governor Hobbs, a professional social worker, understands and feels the same way I do. Thank goodness!

The spirit world of guns cannot take control of AZ anymore. I see this as reality as the right people are here in AZ doing the right thing. Gradually as time goes on, guns will be eliminated completely from AZ. It starts here first and then moves out to other states of the USA. This happens automatically during a powerful Universe Time. I am very confident now that we are in a powerful Universe Time. I expressed to Governor Hobbs that I am a Universe Family Healer by birth and have the ability to help with this endeavor. It is a very good feeling. There is nothing else that could do this. Otherwise our planet would end itself with the amount of guns that are available these days.

I had to make a post today because this marks the Day of Great Change. Now I know everything that was being done wrong on our planet Earth is turning around in the right direction, to being done right. For example, I see Germany completely closing down its last nuclear reactor. Universe Time does this as the spirit worlds of guns, weapons, and wars are not in control anymore.

Those spirit worlds are purging out into a place in another Universe completely separate from ours called The Dump. There, in The Dump the spirit worlds are disintegrated and used to keep that Universe intact. Once disintegrated into minute particles, these entities can no longer become spirit worlds. They are completely transformed into its components and not a threat for humans.

My homeland is moving forward in the right direction now. I am so pleased to see this happening in reality. Thank you to our newly elected AZ state government officials who know automatically what to do and do the right thing every day.

I am here as Universe Family Healer to assist in this endeavor. I continue to serve our planet Earth and will always be here to purge spirit worlds into our Universe. Once in our Universe the spiritual entities are then transported into The Dump, a very far away place where spirit worlds never exist. I am serious here. This is not science fiction. One day this information will be widely known and understood.