I Am Not The Universe..

But I am closely connected to it. Our Universe is not an individual. Our Universe is very unique. I document what I know about our Universe because of my close connection interacting with it. I am the link to our Universe here on planet Earth. Scientists are constantly looking for other planets like Earth but there are none. They continue to waste time and money in this endeavor. I would know if there were other Earth-like planets. I know of no such thing. I know the scientists will not stop searching until their money runs dry. Money is the only thing keeping this sham going.

Our Universe is a magnificent field of magnetic particles. This magnetism has to do a lot with keeping everything in the right place. I know that someday our sky will change a lot too. I observe to see if these changes have occurred as yet. I do not see that happening but I know that our sky will be changing someday. Daily spirit world purging from our planet will allow us to see the sky as it really is supposed to be. It will happen one day. For now I am content in just knowing that I am strong and permanent with our Universe and therefore our planet will always be alive.

Spirit worlds are part of the spiritual invasion that began many ages ago. Spirit worlds only exist where humans live. You will not hear this information from the scientific people. Scientists are part of a huge spirit world and will never be able to explain what I just know. There is nothing real happening in the scientific world because they cannot accept the reality of spirit worlds and spirituality. They cannot test spirituality so it is ignored. This has continued for a long time. It has taken someone like me to understand what is happening, see the big picture, and most importantly be able to do something about it.

Right now I am just enjoying Universe Time. I live one day to the next constantly purging out the spirit world that surrounds our planet. What happens is the spirit matter goes directly into our magnetic currents in our atmosphere or outer space. Once in that outer space environment spirits are rendered completely unable to do anything. Spirits are composed of magnetic particles like magnetite. So once spirits are purged, i.e. moved into our magnetic currents, they stay forever.

I have finally achieved what is known as Forever, which means that spirits are essentially done. Spirits have no setups for Forever. They all stopped at Eternity. I am not living in Eternity at all. I am gone from that time as it was just another spirit game I had to live through. This is what happens if you just keep going with the flow. You will reach Forever too. A Universe connection is all it takes to reach Forever and be totally spirit world free. You will see a big difference between you and other people who are not Universe connected. You see them making constant mistakes and doing the wrong things. As more people become Universe connected Earth will be a planet of Universe humans and spiritual humans. This separation exists until all spiritual humans are gone.

If this sounds interesting and appealing to you, then you must be a Universe human needing a better connection. I have the ability by birth to get this connection going for you and your family. More and more Universe humans are getting connected now. We have left the spiritual dark ages of Earth behind us. It is a very fun time now to get connected. Get ready for some fun as that is all that happens when you are connected to our Universe the real way, through me.

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer

Healer of our Universe