Universe Family Healing Heals Birth Families

My healing modality is Universe Family Healing. I am very specialized at what I do. My healing ability is natural and not learned. Real Universe healing is not something that can be taught in a classroom. I was born with my ability to heal via our Universe. Please understand this and know that when you interact with me via a phone call healing session, you will be introduced to a real human life. Your result will be a removal of the parasitic spirit world that has been living and controlling your human body.

Many changes occur automatically after your healing session. Allow the changes to happen one after another and just go with the flow of our Universe. This must be understood before you begin. If you fight the changes and go against the flow, you will be doing the wrong thing. Again, the changes happen immediately and there is no off button either. I cannot stop the changes. Once your spirit world is attached to our Universe’s magnetic current, it remains connected until it is totally removed.

You will feel tired as the spirit world releases from your human body. This is a positive sign that healing is occurring. It is not a negative thing. You do not need to see a medical doctor if you are fatigued alot. Just rest more. Laying down and resting allows the spirit world to leave at a faster rate. Your lifestyle will be slowing down so expect that too. Medical professionals do not and will never be able to give advice about this so understand that. Contact me for questions instead.

You may be medically involved for certain health conditions. Of course continue that involvement until it simply fades away automatically. Do not stop medications etc. too fast. Those medical treatments will fade automatically at the right time. It is best to allow anything medical to continue until you no longer need to be involved. Again, you will know this and will automatically do the right thing.

Many adverse health conditions are completely healed away via Universe Family Healing. Mental health issues are always removed. The layers of spiritual energy wrapped around you have caused so many mental health problems. I have blogged extensively about this and the positive outcomes. Seeing a counselor or therapist for weekly sessions will never do what I do. Those specialists are not Universe connected. They simply are there to keep the wrong things happening. All of those mental health issues fade away with Universe Family Healing.

One session with me will connect you and your family members’ spirit worlds to our Universe. You do not have to pay for any follow up sessions. I simply make the connection with one session and that is it. Your spirit world is connected to your family members so everyone in your family heals at the same time. This is how it works so nicely and easily too.

Families heal one at a time. The positive result is a real planet of humans with spirituality eliminated. Our planet Earth lives. Humans who are Universe connected live. Death becomes a part of Earth’s dark past when spirits ruled everything. There are no other planets like our very own Earth. We must eliminate spirit worlds from our planet. That’s my job. I am Healer of our Universe. I ended the game of spirituality. I did this because I love my family. I have conquered and defeated the devil and war god. This really happened, believe me. I have seen it all.

Universe Family Healing is permanently here now. All other healing modalities will fade away because they are not real and not based on Universe laws. They all require more than one session. Spiritual healers are being purged away. That’s all that happens. Universe Family Healing is real all the way and will not be purged. One session will connect you and then go with the flow. You and your family will automatically know what to do, and just live on and on. Universe Humans will all have their Universe Mates. Forever.