Moving Forward to Forever

I have succeeded in eliminating all of the SCAM activities from my life. I am able now to move forward without any further SCAM setups or drama scenarios that have plagued me in the past. It’s March 15 and this is the one day which always shines the brightest every year. Whatever spirit setups for 2023 that started up already are completely over. Now comes the fun part.

There has never been such a time before, a time when a human has eliminated all spirit world setups on his/her body. It finally happened though. I did it. I am new to the planet but I am not a SCAM activity. I talk about SCAM activities quite a bit because they are everywhere on our planet. Anything in the past that has to do with money most likely has a spiritual component to it.

SCAM is an acronym for Spiritually Created About Money. My SCAM setups are eliminated now. I am absolutely and completely sure of this. I am the one person who achieved this because I have such a powerful automatic connection to our Universe’s magnetic current. I am a natural Universe Family Healer. There are no classes to attend to learn to do what I do naturally. So, it is now totally possible for other humans to get rid of their SCAM setups/activities too. It just takes a Universe Family Healing session with me to get this done. One session is all that’s needed.

I offer my unique healing services to everyone on our planet. I am a real Universe Family Healer, not a SCAM healer. The spirit worlds did not create my ability. In fact the spirit worlds inhibited my natural abilities for many years and created fake SCAM healers instead. These spiritual fakes charge you for a weekly session. They cannot do what I do and expect you to return over and over to keep paying them endlessly. Their healing is not complete. They gather your spirit world but do not send it into our Universe. Therefore your spirit world continues to stay on the planet. This is not a good thing at all.

Thank goodness I am here to do this right. Now you have total access to real genuine healing services. You look forward to forever because that is what happens. You look forward to a forever life. A spirit world lives as a parasite on humans causing disease and death. The removal of your spirit world eliminates anything that was spiritually created. Say goodbye to unhealthy, unsafe lifestyles, doctors, debt and debt collectors etc. You live a real human life that does end. In other words, you just live and actually get younger. Also, your entire family heals too.

I am the right person, the Real One And Only Universe Family Healer who can do this for you. Call me or email me to get this going. I require payment before our session via the PayPal link on my home page. This is just a small investment in real, genuine healing for a forever life.

Thanks for finding me and reading my words. Take the next step and do the right thing.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer