Doing The Right Thing The Universe Way

I am not a religious person. I never was. Religion is simply a spiritual world that attaches itself to a human body. Religion is full of rituals and controlled behavior patterns. It never really took hold of me. My healing is not a religious activity. My healing is real and based on our Universe’s powerful magnetic abilities. I don’t have to be a religious person to know what is the right thing to do.

I was always able to do things the right way. I did not have to heal into it either. Although I was covered over with a layering of mutiple spiritual worlds, I still held a connection to our Universe. I still always did things the right way. That’s why I know that simply having a Universe connection is so important. A simple Universe connection makes everything happen the right way. The right decisions are made automatically. This is because a spirit world is not controlling the human’s brain or thinking processes.

Just imagine what our planet would be if everyone had this connection? There would be no wars, no guns, etc. There would be a positive planet focused only on the right ways to do things. Pollution would be a thing of the past. Litterbugs simply go away. All things that can be recycled would be recycled automatically. The right things could occur automatically. Life then can continue.

There is a vast amount of spirit worlds living on human beings right now on the planet. Those people live in all parts of our planet and are not Universe connected. However, there will always be a small section of our planet where Universe activities occur now. This never stops. I know that this trend continues as it should. Without a Universe connection on our planet, life would just fade away.

My family continues to heal toward a reunion. It is really happening because we do things the right way. We have gone with the flow, discarding the evil spirits from our bodies. It takes quite a while to do this but it is always happening now. Universe Family Healing removes spirit worlds from human bodies. These spirit worlds are connected to each family member so we all heal at the same time. We have been separated for many years now. It is time to reunite and continuing living here in Yuma. This is the best place for my family to live.