It’s A Wonderful Time On The Universe

Alright, so I am open for business. I am here ready to help all the good people on our beautiful planet Earth. Try to ignore all of the drama of the spiritual world. The wars and pandemics are finally and forever going away. It is the right time to contact me because I am the one and only Healer who is doing everything right. I am doing this because it is the right thing to do. I connect the spirit worlds directly to our Universe’s magnetic current. It is only me who can do this. Other healers of today might think they are as powerful as I, but be assured they are not. I alone have this magnificent connection flowing through my human body.

So, I am calling on all of the good people all over our planet to contact me to get their Universe connection going. Yes it is horrible the news of the day. It is all about guns and trauma and uncontrollable anger. Communities must heal everywhere in order for these terrible problems to go away. There is nothing else that can do this. And it takes real people who are Universe connected to get this done.

Community by community heals away this trauma layering that has kept our planet in spiritual captivity. It is time to break up this containment and merge it into our atmosphere. Do any other healers out there say these things? Of course they don’t because they do not have the capability or the natural powerful healing ability that I have.

Guns have been created by this spiritual world and now we are in the middle of a gun war. Ofcourse guns are evil things. At one time maybe they were used to hunt animals for food, then they became weapons in wars. Guns are an evil invention with only one purpose, to kill a living animal or human. One day guns will be gathered up, melted down, and reused for other purposes. Right now especially in my country, we are having a war on guns. Only Universe Family Healing will conquer this war and end the existence of guns forever.

It is a wonderful time to get this done. Never before was there a way to remove the spiritual energy from our planet. Every single human has a spirit world attached to his or her body. Now it is totally possible to remove these spirit worlds from human bodies. I am doing this all of the time. Never before was this happening. That is why things got so bad here. I was stolen from my birth mother and as a result things here on our planet went the wrong way. I am back now in my homeland healing all of the way back to my birth family. No one is stopping me now from doing what I can do by just being me.

Please, consider helping your community heal. Contact me to get your Universe connection. We need to have Universe connections made all over our planet. I have already seen the positive results of my healing and what it can do here in my community. My healing modality is very powerful now. Do the right thing and get connected.