Righting the The Wrongs Globally With Universe Family Healing; Healing to the Core

I am going to share something right now that is an explanation to the current problem in Europe with Russia and Ukraine. I know it has to do with me and the fake family who raised me. These people were not my real parents. I have made so sure of that already.

I was born in Yuma, AZ, USA. I was not with my birth mother for very long, but long enough to establish a real mother child bond. Somehow, my birth mother was manipulated into turning me over to a couple living here in Yuma. This couple, Charles and Elizabeth Kaplan, were here from Chicago, IL. He was a pediatrician. She was a nurse. He started a practice here in the 1950s.

They already had 2 sons, 1 adopted and 1 by birth. Now they wanted a girl. They wanted more children to enhance his reputation, but Eizabeth was not “able” to have more children supposedly. That was a complete falsehood. She just had a difficult delivery and didn’t want to go through that anymore. Elizabeth Kaplan was a negative, selfish, witch, who had no problem with stealing other mothers’ babies. Charles Kaplan was a greedy opportunist. I was their opportunity.

Somehow my real mother was connected to these two after I was born. Maybe I was brought in to see Dr. Kaplan for a well check. Elizabeth worked in his office too. Both were present for this to happen. That is all it took to make this planned manipulation work. I feel my mother was practically coerced into their way of thinking, that she was way too young to raise me on her own. The fact that she was”too young” was the premise for what happened.

Automatically the wrong things were put into motion. I know I was a very small infant at birth, not the 9 pounds 12 ounces that is displayed on my so-called birth records. Instead this is the birth weight when they received me. I know they planned a fake pregnancy. She wore a fake pregnancy belly etc. and a few months later, I was turned over to them at the local hospital, Parkview.

The fake mother simply was admitted into this hospital wearing her fake belly and on November 9, 1958, I was “reborn”. Dr. Kaplan worked at this hospital which had just opened a few months before that time. But I was not really born there. Everyone involved helped with this deception to its completion. There was even a birth announcement in the local newspaper. I saw that for myself when I went to the Heritage library and researched in their archives. Unbelievable.

My birth mother was told to forget I was ever born. I was now in the Kaplan’s hands, a very negative evil couple with ties to certain parts of Europe. I was thrust into their spirit worlds and too young to do much about it. Although my mother’s resisted, there was so much in her way. Her family just gave up and let go for awhile. It was a heartbreaking time for my birth family.

Fast forward to today. The man who stole me, Charles B. Kaplan, MD was born of Ukrainian descent. Both of his parents were born in Ukraine and migrated over to the US at the time of the WWII to escape persecution from the Nazis. All of this is real. Ukraine is right now being invaded by Russia. This is really happening and makes Russia look like the bad guy for sure.

I know what is really happening. here. I am a Universe Family Healer. I purge all spirit worlds around me. I was raised in the Ukraine spirit world which is very negative indeed. I was brought up as a Jewish person. I even did the Bat Mitzvah thing. All fake and so unreal. This connection is not being ignored by my Universe. It is a link to a very bad place that still contains traits of Naziism.

And so as part of Universe Family Healing, Putin sees this evil and does whatever he can to get rid of this mess. He does not really want war, but this is how spiritual world purging looks.

Right now this is what is happening: an automatic purging of the dark ages and the evil spirit worlds in Ukraine and Russia. And this will not go on and on. There will be a time when Russia retreats completely. Ukraine was always a part of Russia. Universe Time unites these 2 evil countries to purge them completely.

After this time has passed all of the negative energy preventing me from reuniting with my birth mother and father will be eliminated. Thank goodness. Then we will automatically be reunited!

Healing to the Core means going all the way through and purging out the remaining spirit worlds that are between me and my birth parents. Healing to the core is happening right now and I had to make a very important blog post today to commemorate this event. I will always document the reality of my healing and how it works so that it will never be forgotten.

I know that soon Mr. Putin and Mr. Biden and other world leaders will have a very nice long chat on how to continue with establishing world peace as a realty during Universe Time. Of course this is an automatic thing. I will watch it happen in reality with my real parents, siblings, sons, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents right beside me.

Thank goodness for Universe Family Healing!