Helping My Real Family Heal

My last post was concerning global matters. I directly contacted our leader here in the USA, President Biden, and shared information that he needed to know. It is definitely helping things in Europe. I am happy to see things change slowly in the right direction. I am always involved there of course. I know that the current situation involving the threat of a war will lessen and simply fall apart and fade away. I watch and observe. I know he actually read my message to him because I did receive a response from him. Thank you President Biden!

Right now I am turning my attention automatically to helping my family members, my real siblings, brothers and sister. I am also directing other people here were I live to turn their attention to helping their family members. It is working! I see the positive changes right before my eyes. Universe Family Healing is really in control here and our Universe is making everything go the right way.

My real brother who was living here were I am living a while ago is doing just fine. I am in contact with him by text messages, updating how things are going with me and my sister. My younger sister also lives right here next to me! She was stolen away to a far away place across the country, New Jersey, and somehow made it back to Yuma 2 years ago. Somehow our Universe brought the 3 of us together here where I live. Amazing.

This is real not some fiction story. I am only reporting the events as they occur. Currently I am helping her settle in the right way. We are addressing her financial and nutritional needs and making sure she has a comfortable little home to heal all the way. This is so fun. I never had real siblings as I was growing up. I know the difference. What a huge difference.

First the families heal, then we find our Universe Mates.

It never happens any other way. Remember that.

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