Universe Family Healing Leads The Way

I am sun purging a lot right now. I am seeing this making positive changes. I see the spirit worlds of our planets’ leaders coming through. Russia, US, what does this mean? It means the right things will be happening. I am outside in the sunshine here in Yuma. I lay down as this spiritual energy field comes though I do not even have to think about it because it is automatic.

In other words, I am not commanding it to happen, it just happens with me. That is what happened yesterday. I sent a message to our President informing him of this occurrence. I made sure he knew about it. I hope someone reads the message at the White House and understands that this is so real and powerful. All world leaders want peace on our planet. Their spirit worlds must be purged for this to take place in reality. So be it.

I am Universe Family Healer, or just Healer. I am the one human who can release spirit worlds from our planet. I automatically connect these spirit worlds to our Universe’s magnetic current. This is how our planet heals. I do not think any other healers are doing this today. No other healer is talking about this except me. I am the one with the powerful Universe connection. I am not going to remain silent and hidden away. I am here to perform this function and as a result I am very protected by our Universe, my Universe. I am not afraid.

My healing works globally and locally too. Wherever there is a massive spirit world needing removal, Universe Family Healing is directly involved in removing it. That’s how Universe Family Healing works. So, for example, if there is a military crisis somewhere or the threat of war, my healing is there removing the spiritual fuel behind that war set up. It happens over and over until all of those war games are eliminated from our planet. This is happening right now in the Ukraine. I am watching to make sure peace is established and war is eliminated. Universe Family Healing is eliminating war from planet Earth.

Of course this war removal has never happened before. Gradually year after year goes by and all of the spirit worlds that set up war games will be gone. It does take some time because these war games are very ancient and were well established until now. In the past there were no real healers removing the spirit worlds from our planet. This allowed war setups to grow and remain intact. Now that we have Universe Family Healing in full strength, war games are purged easily at long last. Thank Goodness!

Universe Family Healing works globally to heal our beautiful planet. I know this is happening because I experience the reality of my purging every night and day. I am at work 24/7 doing this spirit world removal. My healing continues unchallenged and will always be here performing this direct function: spirit world removal. I am very certain of that too.