I Have Finished My Sunset Shawls

I made a post about this on December 11, 2021 and I am finally done crocheting my Sunset shawls. It was fun though and I posted the last picture today. I enjoyed this little setup so much that I had to make more than one. I guess it really did something good. The spirit worlds like to setup a person’s activities. Well I like to purge spirit worlds. So, I have taken control of that whole thing. This year’s setups are quickly purging for this year and forever now.

I am out in the sun daily and getting my suntan once again. I love it. I can feel how this is removing the spirit mess on my body. My right heel is painful. So is my left ring finger. This sun purging is making these parts of my body purge quickly. I can do this every single day.

It used to be so hard to get in the sun at this time of year but not anymore. I am out there for about an hour. What a fun thing to do in the middle of winter. Here in Yuma I can do this in the winter time. Of course here our winters are extremely short. Spirit worlds cannot survive in sunny locations. Yuma is the perfect place for me and is my sanctuary. I can do exactly what I am supposed to be doing without any delay.

Other than that life is really easy right now. I can feel lots of change happening with my family members everywhere. I am laying down and purging out the rest of the spirit worlds around my family. I am hoping this is the final year for my family and that we will soon be reuniting. I do this because it is my job as Healer. I am the one who can do this so I do it. It is going very well.

As always I am available to provide individual Universe Family Healing Sessions. I am always willing and able to help other humans on our planet connect their spirit worlds to our Universe. I am super powerful now. Expect change when we interact. Your life will never be the same again.

Get connected to our Universe’s magnet current. You will live a real life and be free of spirituality.