I am Staying Put, Because I am in the Right Place

We, ( I mean me and my birth family members) are all in the right place, finally, safe and secure at this years beginning. 2022. I am happy to say that everything is safe and stable for us, the Real First Family on the Universe. I can relax. I can continue doing what I am doing. I am not packing up my things to move away. Ha ha. That’s what the spirit world wants me to do. That’s just ridiculous and way too much work. This year’s early months aren’t toxic or negative for any of us. We can finally understand that we achieved what no other human family has ever achieved: complete freedom from spirituality.

So, this means that we are resting and relaxing. We are making and eating the food that is the right kind of food. We are doing things that are the right things for us. There is plenty of money to get through these early, normally toxic months. Toxic times are in our past and no longer exist for us! It is that easy now. Plus, we are all so very well healed! Wow, it is so cool. I love this time of year now. I know that nothing will go wrong. I have full control. We all have full control. I love it.

So, I am documenting this here today on January 14, 2022, that all is good. No moves. I am going to do exactly whatever I want to do. And so is my family. We are doing this together. Our lives are so safe and secure. Universe Family Healing is real. Family by family heals until spirituality is eradicated from our planet. I made this happen for my family. I can make it happen for your family too.

Universe Family Healing is my powerful healing modality that is available only here at http://www.firsthealer.com. You can only get your Universe connection through a Universe Family Healing session with me. I am waiting for all of you to do this. It is the right time to get connected.