Amazing Things Are Really Happening

I had to make a post to update how things are going right now. My family is doing so good. We are all completing the last setups that our spirit world put upon us. The good news is that these setups are all in our favor and very comfortable. I really feel that this is finally the time when we are totally done with purging out our spirit worlds. Why? Well there a few things that have just happened that makes this all so very clear.

My middle son has finally moved into his own place! He is now in a comfortable little place on his own and this is the first time ever for him. I am so happy and proud of him. I know that living in your own place without other people there is the only way we really heal all the way. I had to do this here in Yuma and it works. It is very hard to reach this part of healing as there are so many setups in the way! It certainly means that things are going just fine. My youngest son listens quietly to our texting conversations. I know everything is going just fine for him too.

I have met my real brother! I also have confronted the fake family who raised him. This was an automatic type setup and worked very well. It was all done by a group texting conversation. Wow, it was so powerful. The good news is that he agrees! I know that someday soon we will both meet our real parents. I am so looking forward to that time.

I see progress in others too. I see that my best friend and Universe Mate is making many changes and is no longer posting about holidays. We all lose interest in holidays at some point in our healing as it is just a huge spirit world which finally gets purged! I am so happy to note this change here. It take a long time to get to this point too, but it is an automatic result of Universe Family Healing.

I am just waiting to hear from my eldest son now. I am sure he is finishing up his healing too, as we all are healing together. Universe Family Healing makes sure all birth family members are healing and purging at the same time. It is totally automatic and wonderful. Now is the time when real family members are reuniting. We are the First Family to do this by purging our spirit worlds into our Universe. What a huge event it is too. Of course it is all quietly done and there is no fanfare or limelight.

Universe Family Healing is very quiet and continues until all spirituality is removed. I am living this amazing phenomenon with my family and documenting everything here on my website. I am so excited but still move forward slowly one day to the next as this all occurs. My healing modality, Universe Family Healing is real. That’s all I can say about it. I am so happy that someday soon, I will be meeting my birth family members finally. My mother, father, and other members of my real birth family are all healing simultaneously, even if I am not in direct contact with them. That’s why this healing method is so effective and accurate.

Totally amazing things continue to happen almost daily now. I am waiting alone and quietly re-creating my shawl collection. I am purging 24/7 of course. That is the one reason this is all happening. I am getting rid of the evil that has been in control of my real family. That evil is no longer doing anything, except purging of course. I have successfully created Universe Time which means our Universe’s magnetic current is finally and forever in control of spirituality on planet Earth. It was a challenging and difficult task but my family is very strong and fearless.

We are the real Protectors, the Guardians of our planet Earth. Our spirit worlds are purging out into our Universe and cannot return. Earth is our home, the only planet where humans can live. We are making sure that nothing ever happens to endanger our existence. Life here on planet Earth continues because we made it through spirituality and took control. Now we can finally live together and make sure this evil spiritual time never happens again.

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