It’s Time to “Sunset” All of The Setups

I am going with the flow trying to make this as real as possible for me and my family. I made the Sonoma Sunset Shawl as my middle son was starting to exit Sonoma County. And now for the very same reason, I am finally purchasing the beautiful Caron SImply Soft Sunset Yarn that is hard to find these days. So I search on Ebay and Etsy and Ravelry and gather up the precious skeins in the Sunset colorway. I now know that somehow my crochet habits have been made into a spirit setup and these Sunset shawls, previously delayed, are finally happening.

So far, I have created a shawl with colorway Sunset Autumn and Sonoma Stripes and now I am making the Caron Paints Sunset Shawl. I actually had made one already but had to unfortunately give it away when I moved back to Yuma. I have been remaking my Healer Wrap collection. I am finally making all of my beautiful Sunset Shawls. I have found 2 more colorways to add to my collection: Bernat Satin Sunset and Red Heart Dreamy Stripes Sunset. Fun!

I see the results of this too. My family members know their setup time is ending and I am demonstrating it in a unique way. I know that I will see them all soon. I miss all of them so much. I know we had to be apart for many years to purge out this spirit world we all shared. We did it successfully. It is over and done. Sunsetting means literally to discontinue or terminate. We have terminated our spirit world forever.

I had to blog about this time as it is happening right now. Everyday there is something else which shows all of us this is real and happening the right way. Our spirit world is definitely purged and will never be here on our planet again. We are the First Family to purge out our spirit world into our Universe. We did this to preserve life on our planet. Never again will spirit worlds control humans. The Spiritual Age is just a part of human history now. Welcome to Universe Time!

Red Heart Stripes yarn in colorway Sonoma Stripe (colorway discontinued)
Caron Simply Soft Paints in colorway Sunset Autumn
Caron Simply Soft Paints in colorway Sunset (colorway discontinued)


Red Heart Roll With It Yarn in colorway Sunset
Bernat Satin in Colorway Sunset (colorway discontinued)
Red Heart Dreamy Stripes in Colorway Sunset
Red Heart Sonoma Sunset Shawl
Caron SImply Soft Pumpkin Shawl with Sunset Autumn Trim
Caron SImply Soft Paints Sunset Shawl
Red Heart Roll With It Sunset Shawl

Bernat Satin Sunset Shawl

Red Heart Dreamy Sunset Shawl: Completed January 20, 2022