Right Place, Right Time, That’s Universe Time

Our Universe is a real phenomenon. There is this amazing current which flows through it and it is highly magnetic. That is why we have a Universe. The magnetic currents of our Universe are strong now. These currents were fading away. Not anymore. These currents are now receiving the proper nourishment. This will always happen now. Our Universe will not die. Our Universe is in balance now. I hope you understand without this balance everything collapses and life ends. I am only documenting this here because it is not being stated anywhere else. I know this because I am Healer. These Universe currents flow through me. I make sure these currents are well fed with spiritual worlds and spiritual energy.

Feeding the Universe has not happened before. There was not anyone returning spirit worlds into the Universe currents. Everything was out of balance. I mean everything. Wrong people doing the wrong things, etc. This was all that happened for our planet’s history. Years and years have passed with this imbalance. No one was understanding the problem correctly. No one still does. I can tell by the news of the day. There is not any awareness of what I am talking about. But I am here anyway to create this balance. I am doing this alone. It is my job to purge spirit worlds into our Universe’s currents. It is all I do these days.

Spirit worlds exist around a human body. Spirits are a parasite and cannot survive without a connection to the human. Spirits are not from our planet. These creatures are real and alien to our planet. A spiritual infestation has existed in enormous amounts. It is why we are having so many environmental problems these days. Spirits have controlled the minds of humans to do the wrong things. That is all that the spirits do really. The spirits of our planet serve no positive or good purpose and must be eliminated completely. This sounds like some kind of science fiction story but it is all real. It is not a fiction tale at all. Spirits still remain here is mega amounts on our planet.

Universe Time is finally happening on our planet. I do not believe Universe Time ever existed before anywhere else. I have created Universe Time by simply being here and doing my own thing, and utilizing my own natural Universe healing connection to the fullest. I had to leave a professional nursing career completely and go with the flow, one day at a time to achieve my powerful, full strength ability. It was not easy. In other words I have earned everything I get now. I had to do whatever was needed to keep going. I have achieved financial stability finally, and freedom from my spirit world. I have done this because I am the one and only person who can do it. I learned about this whole thing as I lived through it. There was no mentor or anything. I had to live it to understand it.

Universe Time is making things happen at the right time with the right people. I see it all of the time now. This will gradually get stronger and visible over time. I see it happening in Yuma a lot. I know that there is a goodness here that was not here before. I am sure I had something to do with it too. Over time, community by community will see this goodness too. It just starts with a local Universe connection to get it going. So, if you want your home and community to heal a bit quicker, send me an email to get your appointment for a Universe Family Healing session. That’s how it works.

Right place, right people, right time. Let’s all help our planet and get everything moving forward the right way with a Universe connection. I provide this service to all humans anywhere on our beautiful planet. We can all help to heal Earth and our Universe if we just slow down a bit and take control of the spirits.