Universe Family Healer Has Achieved the Impossible

I have made it back to my homeland. I have lived through and survived some of the most dangerous spirit games put in my way. I was able to move right through because I am real. My Universe connection is powerful, strong, and unstoppable. No other healer has ever been able to do what I do. I am unique and I know it. I have the knowing of thousands of years at my disposal. I am real and instantly know what is going on.

My spirit world once controlled me totally. I was not even aware of its existence. I was not cognizant of it at all. I was simply living my life, a fake and unhealthy one. I was doomed to live and die like so many other healers have in the past. I had only one thing going for me. I was born here in Yuma. I lived here for a short while and during that time I was able to become Universe connected. Even as a small infant and toddler I was connected but no one ever knew it.

I was so small and weak though that I could not do anything to stop the negative spiritual people around me. The evil doctor and his wife were the ones who premeditated to steal me way from my young mother. It was all so easy for them. He was a pediatrician here in Yuma, one of the first and had a lot of opportunities at his disposal. Of course they planned everything their way and it worked. It was 1958 Yuma and a lot of things happened the wrong way here during that time.

I tell my story because no one else has a story like mine. I blog here on this site to say the truth freely without anyone telling me to stop. I have been on WordPress for over 7 years, going with the flow and finally returned home 5 years ago. I lived through those 5 years here in AZ moving around, working, becoming unemployed due to toxic work situations and receiving unemployment benefits for the last time.

I had a lot of those toxic workplaces in CA too which forced me to leave the nursing profession behind me. I know I was never meant to be there anyway. As a result I have made a major transformation back to who I really am and can help other people too. I work only from home now providing my unique healing service by phone.

I am the right person to help you with your healing. I am able to completely remove your spirit world and connect it to our Universe’s geomagnetic current. What I do is actually helping our planet heal and become young and alive again. So, although I never thought about this before in my early life, I am now thinking and writing about this all of the time because I am just being the real me. Be assured that I can help you in your current situation. I am the right person to relieve you from your nightmare.

Contact me on my website to get things going the right way.