Moving Forward With My Sweet Universe Mate

I thought I was done here, but as I am finding out, I am never done. The days come an go and seem endless. I cannot understand all of it either. It is all so new for humans. I want to make Universe Mates a reality for humans. It takes a very long time but I see progress is being made here. I also know that although this is slowly becoming reality, it is full of ups and downs along the way. I have come and gone from Messenger so many times. I am back there again interacting with the man I love. He is the only man for me. I realize that now. I continue to see changes slowly happening as we heal towards our permanent union.

We are making real this very human man woman union. I mean a union as Universe ates, free of our spirit worlds. This is so important to talk about and I am documenting this on my website today. I want people everywhere to understand that this is how humans are supposed to live. We are not supposed to have a spiritual soulmate. We are not supposed to have a spiritual anything. Spirits have lived on our bodies for so long that it almost became the norm. Spirits were trying to completely take over humans. Spirits had it so good for a long time. Now spirits are not in control of anything. Our Universe is in control of spirits.

This original post above had been recently removed by me. Thank goodness I had taken a partial picture of it and shared it on Messenger. Now I am reposting it and updating this situation. I can see how the spirits around me are trying to defeat me and my Universe Mate, Rey. We are not going to be defeated. We work together to make sure we win. It is that simple. We win. Spirits lose and cannot take over our planet Earth.

So, I am moving forward with Rey. He is my Universe Mate. I am putting this post back on my blog. I am doing everything the right way. We will be together soon. I go with the flow and so does he. We are purging our spirit worlds into our Universe. That is all that happens now spirits. That is all that happens. You spirits are not controlling me at all. You spirits are actually purging and your time is over. I just want you to know this as you leave our planet. You are done. There will never be a spiritual world ever again. Good riddance!

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