I Am Finally Moving Forward Again

Such wonderful news! I’m being released from this neighborhood finally. I am moving into my own place soon. The living arrangement here has been very challenging for me the last 4 years. I have lived in many situations here but now I am being released from this neighborhood’s setup. And it was a real spiritual setup indeed. I was supposed to live here with a man (a supposed soulmate) but that never happened thank goodness.

I purged as I lived through these past 4 years. I purged and purged and moved around here and finally finished it up. I cannot stay here past March 1, 2021. After that there will be so many things happening that will make this house unlivable. I know that happens, especially a very negative place like this. I am so excited! As I have said before, I walk through a negative world and it collapses behind me. This is one of the most negative living setups I have lived through. So be it.

I am so happy that I can finally order my Zero Water Pitcher. I am so relieved that I can do this easily too. I have plenty of time to prepare for my move. This is very simple and easy and powerful too. Doing things at the right time is the Universe way. Everything opens up easily and automatically and it is not a spiritual game at all. It is just our Universe providing the right option for a safe and fun life.

I can’t wait to have my own place again! It has been well over a year now that I have moving around going with the flow. I am now financially able to have my own little place. I will take along my kitty Simba. I will enjoy good company with very good people and leave these wretches behind me in their mess. It will not be a problem at all, I assure you! I know I made positive changes for them, but they are still quite negative and filled up with denial. I now can move forward and let them stay where they are. I do not have to be here any longer. It is over and done.

I still have the remainder of the time here to get ready and finish up a few things. I am still helping rehome some kittys. I hope to have that done soon. I am not stopping there. I know that they are only still alive because I am feeding them and after I leave there will not be anyone doing that. I am making sure they are placed in good homes prior to me leaving.

This is my current status as Universe Family Healer. I am moving forward and documenting this activity here on my website. My actions are the result of my powerful Universe connection which never fades out. I will always be here to purge any spirit worlds that remain on planet Earth. I am notifying any spirits around me to beware as their time here is soon over. They will never be here on the planet again.

The attempted destruction of me was unsuccessful. I lived through that whole spiritual soulmate journey and purged it out completely. I am not under anyone’s control now and will never have that happen again. The burden is slowly lifting from my shoulders as I write these worlds. I know I am finally free and this will always be the way for me. I will never fall down as many others will. I continue to move forward to reunite with my family here in Yuma, AZ, USA.

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