Going With The Flow is All I Can Do

I know people have all kinds of ways to describe what going with the flow means. I have already blogged about its meaning to me. In Universe terms, it means moving through each day as it opens up, doing what is needed then rest. It also means that I cannot make a mistake or get in the way.

Being in the middle is not the right place for me. So I watch what is happening and not intervene. I stay put and mind my own business. I also know when I need to leave. It is really what living a Universe life is all about: easy, simple, and safe.

My life is totally free now. I am my own boss finally. I lived through toxic work environments and nasty people trying to control me. That time of my life is over. I am making my own schedule according to how I feel. I assume this is how life is supposed to be, real and fun. Anyway, my years of healing have allowed this lifestyle to come forward. It fits me just fine. I was meant to be a self-employed person and nothing else. I know that now.

I am a very powerful, professional, and successful Universe Family Healer. My healing business is always going to be open and available for any human who wants to connect his or her spirit world to our Universe’s magnetic current. I am here as a very good resourse for many problems we encounter today. I am sure that I will be better known for finally getting rid of the autism problem and many other spiritually induced ailments.

I have only started really. It’s fine. I’m here to stay and have all the time I need to do the things I was meant to do and be the person I was meant to be. As long as I have what I need I will do fine and always purge spirit worlds from human bodies and animals too. I am always healing the doggy and kittys around me here where I live. I treat animals very carefully and always make sure they are well cared for. I eat an animal products free diet too. I assume this is the only way to eat in reality.

I am going with the flow now for many years. I have the expertise and knowledge about spiritual activities that no one else has. I am the right person to go to for these things. I make sure to get rid of the spirit problems and help our planet heal. It is all I can do. Going with the flow, living one day to the next, and being free.