I See The Changes: It’s Automatic!

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Universe Family Healing is a very unique healing modality. It is nothing like spiritual healing. I am experiencing Universe Family Healing on a daily basis and see what is going on. There are constant changes occurring. It is always positive to see and understand these changes for change is what our Universe allows. It is always important to watch for changes as this really gives me confidence that my healing is working. Changes occur because there has been a stuck situation caused by a spirit setup. Once this spirit setup or spirit world is disrupted by our Universe’s magnetic current, there are automatic changes occurring in the right direction. I always want feedback from the people I interact with and usually I am able to get it.

I am seeing the changes right now in my home environment. I am currently living in a home and watching the owner return to a working lifestyle. He has been in the realm of disability for a long time. He tried to stay there but was not successful at all. After a year of Universe Family Healing he is now working full-time once again! And also his friends are doing the same thing.

I see another person telling me how his diet is changing to animal free. He tells me he is getting rid of things he no longer wants. I call this activity purging material things and is very much a part of Universe Family Healing. So, I am happy that by living around these people for over a year they are demonstrating good results of my healing! It is very good to see it happening in this older neighborhood of Yuma, AZ, USA.

Universe Family Healing is automatic once a Universe connection is established and everyone goes through the same activities associated with it. This is cool and very easy to see. There are no real short cuts either. Universe Family Healing is a wonderful way to change yourself into reality. We start working again, get rid of the bad habits, and clean out our place so it feels real and young. This is a very positive time right now because I have been around these people for 1 year and now they are all doing so much better.

And the good news is that this trend will continue this way. It is not a spirit setup or game. It is just reality. When we are not connected to our Universe we are covered up with spirituality without even knowing it. We are living with a spiritual parasite attached to our human bodies. This parasite is controlling our lives, our behaviors, our thoughts, and actions! Spiritual parasites are very dangerous for humans because we do not even know they are there!

It makes good sense then to be connected to our Universe. I am the person who can get this going for you! It is so easy for me to connect anyone’s spirit world to our Universe. It is my natural ability, not a learned healing technique. I was born this way though I am not sure why. But I am sure that I can get rid of spirit worlds from the human body. I am here to rid our planet of this spiritual infestation. I am the one and only go to person for anything spiritual that needs purging. Forget about spiritual healers as they are not connected to our Universe. They are just con artists and do not help us in any way.

It’s the new year. Start it off with your very own Universe Family Healing session. My healing power is very real and so strong now. I can do amazing things for you. It is true. We do not have to live in the dark ages anymore. I am purging the dark ages one day at a time. The spiritual age is over and Universe Time is all that exists now. Get your Universe connection established right now. Watch the positive changes take place and live a real life, the life you were meant to live. Humans are now real for the first time. We have our Universe Mates beside us too. It is so fine, so fun, and so wonderful.

Have a wonderful day and when you’re ready contact me: