Nothing Is Going Wrong

I’m living in Universe Time. Everyday is a brand new day and I live one day to the next. I know just what I must do on each day and I always accomplish my goals. I then rest and and I mean rest. Resting means I am outside in the beautiful sunshine relaxing in my zero gravity lounge chair. Of course even when I am doing that I am still working. My purging is especially powerful when I am laying down outside in the sun. And the purging is going so well right now. I cannot believe the power that is being displayed. It is so amazing. And it does not seem to be stopping either. I am sure that this is the way life was meant to be: a real life with spirit worlds purging from our planet and reality as the norm.

There are no more spiritually setup times with the spirit worlds in total control. That is the only way the spirits could have an existence, by controlling human behaviors endlessly. All this did was make our beautiful planet negative and unhealthy. That of course is not the situation right now. Although few people are aware of Universe Time, my family sure is. We are the first family to be involved with Universe Time up close. We are the first family to purge out our spirit worlds into our Universe’s magnetic current, therefore we are the real First Family. But we will not be famous or be found in Google News. We will live quietly and safely. Universe Family Healing does things in a very good way. The right things happen of course because the spirit worlds are gone!

So although the spirit worlds of planet Earth are still in the midst of a terrible pandemic, and United States politics are in an uproar, I know that these things are the result of Universe Time in control. It is just the purging out process going on here. As the pandemic disappears as silently as it came, we will all experience a real way of living. Our lives are becoming so real now. It is so cool to watch the right things happen over and over again. This real way of living seems rather new for our planet, but again it is just reality which has always been here, and was covered up by spirituality. Spiritual Time is now in our past. It has no chance of repeating ever. It cannot do anything because the spirits are all being purged into a huge magnetic current which just consumes them- our Universe.

Nothing is going wrong. I am sure that as time goes on it will become more obvious as we all gradually change into reality. The Google News will all be good and really not be needed anymore. The dramas of the spirits will be forgotten as we reunite with our families and live happy, healthy lives with fun at the top of our to do lists. We purged out our spirit worlds to get there. This is all possible now because Universe Family Healing is here to stay permanently.

I will not allow any new spiritual invasions on our planet Earth. That is a reality now. I am here to stay.

It’s the right time for all good humans to purge out their spirit worlds.

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