So Happy To Be Here

I am so happy to be living in my homeland! It feels good to wake up everyday and be here. I feel safe. I know that everything is going the right way. I know that my life will continue here in the land of reality. That knowing feels good too. And even though I am not reunited with my birth family yet, I know that someday that will happen.

Right now I live from one day to the next. I can’t make any long term plans. That does not happen right now. I realize I am still healing/purging out my PTSD issues that I encountered in California. I realize that this will quickly purge out of me. It can’t do anything to me now. This spirit energy just merges with our Universe and I move forward on my own. Those past issues and people are gone from me. They cannot do anything to me anymore. I am that strong and powerful.

Today I feel so fortunate to be alive. I feel the 5 years here on my own here in Yuma, AZ was necessary and it will not repeat. Although there is still some bits and pieces of an old ancient spirit world around me, it is totally ineffective. It is just purging and merging with our Universe. I am hoping that soon its annoying sounds will be gone forever. I am not the chained up little angel it had under its control. Spirits are not in control of me at all. They are doomed. Spirit worlds are really an alien infestation from the past and will not be able to start over ever.

No one controls me now. No one will ever do anything bad to me ever again. Those times living in the evil spirit worlds of California are gone for me and for all of my family members too. I know we are all healing and it takes time, a lot of time. I understand this is new to our planet, but regardless of being new, Universe Time will last forever. Our Universe will always be wide open and accepting spirit worlds into its enormous magnetic current. I am making certain of that.

I am so happy to be here on planet Earth. I feel very alive. I feel very young too. I want to say to my family members I love all of you so very much. I know the healing is going well. I am sure it is. We are all healing together through this ancient spiritual nightmare which is finally and forever over. It really is. The spirit worlds of California could not get rid of me. But I got rid of them.

I really did.