Moving Forward During September

Today, I am feeling so good. I am remembering past times that I lived through when I was living in a very weak Universe Time. In those days it was not as easy as it is now. I was not aware of Universe Time at all, but I still lived through the days. I was immersed in a spirit world that had control over me but I was still purging it out with the Universe by my side.

I can look back and see how it happens. I make a note of this and chat with my Universe Mate. I see that the past 12 years I have been living apart from him but I was still healing him! I was not physically around him but because we were so close at one time, I am always healing him. The Universe never stops a connection like that. It will continue to pull all of the spirit energies into its magnetic fields. There are no on and off buttons with our Universe.

A milestone is coming up again. I see that September 15 is coming right up. I remind me and him that this was the last time we were in close contact with each other. It was also when we said good bye. It was not what I intended but it happened anyway. I was not able to verbally share my feelings for him and neither was he. There was definitely a problem here. Little did I know that it would be 12 years later before we would be doing just that. It took 12 years of healing and separation to share our feelings! This is totally real and true.

I am moving forward through September knowing that we’re getting closer and closer everyday. The spirit world around us is very small now and easily purged. There won’t be many more days apart. I can feel him around me all of the time. I am sure he feels me too. It feels very good. I know that when we reunite we will never be separated again.

I am experiencing what happens when we heal as Universe Mates. I am documenting this here on my website. It is totally real and powerful. The Power of the Twos is coming true. A man and a woman who are Universe connected come together as Universe Mates. Two Universe beings reunited. That is all that happens now. The spirits know this and are doomed to their fate, becoming a distant memory as they are purged. Their spiritual soulmates all die. Oh well, too bad. It had to happen sometime, and it is happening right now.

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