Taking a Stand in My Homeland

My new living location is day to day. I call this place Crazy House because it looks just like that. The place is old, dilapidated, and falling apart. It could be a part of a horror movie easily. It should be condemned and seems to be waiting for that to happen. The family has lived here continually for over 75 years. This house was not built on love and it can’t be renovated. There’s a junkyard surrounding the house.

I live here cautiously. The owner has multiple addictions. I am careful to follow the rules but he oversteps my boundaries at will. Unwanted touching does not happen silently with me. I make sure the right people know about it. I have never been a victim of sexual assault and don’t intend to ever let that happen. This man is not listening to me so I tell another man living here. It finally gets out in the open. I get support from a friend and continue to move through this nasty setup as quickly as I can.

I am trying to relocate to my own place once again. This seems to be the best solution for me right now but there’s not alot available here in Yuma. I’m looking for a nice little studio or 1 bedroom apartment. My Universe Mate is still married and not available to me right now. He knows he has to take care of this legal situation. He is separated from her for many years but that marraige bond still exists. It’s part of his healing to deal with as he slowly moves closer.

I told him I feel like a Captured Angel. I cannot sever this healing bond between him and me. It feels like I am chained to this man and forever healing him. I have no idea when we will reunite and that is the truth. All I know is that I can’t stop what is happening with the Universe. I divorced over 14 years ago and I have no legal matters around me. I am totally clean but he is not.

I take a stand and say enough, back off from me or pay a price. This owner is on probation. I know he will stop doing those unwanted gestures until I’m out of this mess. I continue going with the flow in my homeland, living one day to the next and purging out the evil that set in here. One day I’ll be with my Universe Mate and know that we are really done with the spirits who invaded our beautiful planet. The bad people will all be falling down and dying. That’s all that happens in my homeland during Universe Time.