It’s Automatic Time, Watch What Happens

I’ve been in my new location for over a week now. I see the results happening before my eyes. I have a secure location in this house. I’m not in anyone’s way. I’m the only female here so I take on that role. This place is a mess. I clean it up a bit and add a few touches. It’s appreciated. I know my limits though, and stay within them.

I’m still going with the flow. My connection with my Universe Mate is so powerful. We are so close to reuniting. Knowing this keeps me going. I feel his love all around me. I feel so good now. Its wonderful. Love is the most powerful human emotion that exists. Love is what heals our planet, our Universe. Humankind will continue because of the power of love. Spirits cannot stop me from loving and healing my Universe Mate.

I will continue to post my progress in this new location. It’s just one more spirit setup in my way which I must live through. I am doing it with the support of my Universe Mate.

I love Rey so much. My Universe Mate’s name is Rey. There, I said it in public now. Posting his name on my blog helps move everything foward the right way. We had a relationship a long time ago. Things were not working out. I knew there were spiritual controls in place. We have been healing these spirit setups (i.e. spiritual soulmate journeys) for over 13 years. It’s finally time for us to be back together permanently.

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