Healer Camp Closed and Our Planet Moved Forward

I closed down Healer Camp yesterday. It really is gone. I relocated 2 other fellow Healers to safety before moving my belongings across the street. I relocated myself yesterday to a safer place. I’m living inside a home now, renting a room again. I survived the deadly Healer Camp. It did not do me in though. I lived there and purged it out completely. I survived a very negative set up that was in front of me.

My return to normalcy is proceeding well. Suddenly, I have a room, bathroom, and kitchen before me. I have earned my place here. It was not easy at all. I help the current situation here in this home, and the people who live here too. We are living through the last few really hot days of August. No one is suffering. This is Universe Time so ofcourse nothing bad happens. Go with the flow and things happen at the right time, with the right people. There are no mistakes.

Today, I had to take a small trip back to spirituality. I had to connect with the spirit world again by talking with a psychic. I had to find out what was really going on with my Universe Mate. Ofcourse I was not sure. I had to make sure. I had to consult a psychic. And so, I paid some money for a 20 minute talk. Well, I found out a few things which I already knew. But the psychic was not current at all on many things. It was quite apparent that this psychic was setup with very old information. Nothing sounded clear or real at all. In fact, I was told that he was not the right man for me and another man was just waiting. Really spirit world, how stupid do you think I am?

So, as I move forward, I am loving my Universe Mate and no psychic can convince me to do otherwise, especially Psychic Nicholas over at California Psychics. He totally bombed his reading with me today and he knows it. The psychics do not know about Universe Time yet. I’m sure that a silent change is now underway. Our Universe works quietly to remove the most negative areas on planet Earth and the psychic world is definitely the most negative place being totally purged by me.

Don’t waste money on a psychic reading. Why pay good money for the wrong information? Contact me instead for a Universe Family Healing session. Along with accurate information is a powerful healing session that corrects all the problems in your way. Then you and your Universe Mate can easily reunite and stay comfortably together. It really works my way. Get rid of the spirit world stopping your happiness.

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