Posting Reality the Universe Way

My healing has taken me back to my homeland. I was stolen away from here at a very young age. It took years to get back here. It was only because of my powerful Universe connection that I survived. I lived with fake families in fake worlds in CA, USA. I was never in the right place with the right people. But somehow I was able to leave those negative toxic places and finally come home.

Right now, I feel like a Survivor, living here in Healer Camp in the sweltering temperatures of Yuma summertime. I was not prepared for this, but it happened anyway. I thought this location would last a few weeks at most, but now it is going on 3 months. Lately, I have felt a real heaviness in my chest area when I’m standing erect. I remember experiencing this one time before, a long time ago. It’s a spiritual entity going through my human body. I rush to lay down and release it.

This entity has made it even harder for me to meet my daily needs. I am constantly needing more ice and water. It is a major challenge just to accomplish this everyday. I somehow manage to overcome the heaviness but it had caused me extreme fatigue. I spend most of the day laying down in my zero gravity lounger, living through one day to the next. And, no, no one is helping me either. I am completely on my own.

I see that September is approaching. The weather cools down finally. I’m wanting to relocate ASAP but that opportunity never happened. But it will. My money is flowing my way again. Universe Time makes sure it comes back to me. I soon will have the tools, the means to relocate to a normal living arrangement.

I will never forget my summer here in 2020 when I had no option but to live outside in intense heat 24/7. This time had permanently changed me. My healing ability is strong and powerful. Spirits are easily disposed of here in the Yuma desert. I succeed in my goal of purging spirit worlds completely. It is hard, but I’m doing it all by myself. I am Healer.