Spiritual Time is Now Over

It really is! I have confirmed this many times with the spirits who are purging around me. They are all in agreement about this as they leave planet Earth and depart upon their Universe Journeys. No more will we have to suffer from any spiritual journey nonsense or be controlled by a soulmate set up. We are all done with that now.

We are only living our real human life without spiritual sides and souls. The spirit parasites are purging from human bodies everywhere on our planet Earth. Spirits cannot live here without their human hosts. They no longer have the control over humans that they once had and so they are done forever. It has finally happened the right way. We are finally getting rid of the spirits!

Once these alien spirit parasites begin purging from the human body an instant relief is felt. This positive feeling grows and gets stronger day by day. Changes start happening right away. The most negative parts of the human body are purging first. This allows all of the unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle patterns/choices to gradually and completely disappear.

There is an automatic distancing from negative people and negative places. Sleep patterns become disrupted a bit because at night time the spirits were in total control of our sleep patterns and dreaming. So, there may be more late nights or wake ups at 4 AM for awhile, all perfectly normal and necessary with early healing. When I say healing, I am referring to my healing modality, Universe Family Healing. Please do not put me in the same category as Reiki healing people because they are not getting rid of the spirits. Reiki healers are just playing a spiritual game and do not have a Universe connection. They are not doing a good job at all.

So I am just confirming once again that spiritual time is really over and the spirits are also saying this as they leave our planet. They are all aware that I am here to make sure they cannot ever return and I tell them this too. There will not be any more times with the spirits on planet Earth, the only planet where human life exists.

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