The Spirits Are Saying They’re Done

Yes, this is true. The spirits are saying this as they purge. I hear it all of the time. I am assured that they are leaving our planet and merging with our Universe finally. It can’t be stopped by anything. I can’t stop it. That means it’s a normal occurrence to purge these alien parasites. They do not belong here on our planet. They say, “wait a minute” too. That also can’t happen. There’s no way to slow down this process. This purging is continuous and very fast now.

I can be doing anything and still be purging these things. It is so easy and simple for me.

I can heal any human anywhere on our planet Earth. I am a very powerful Universe Family Healer. I am here to continue to remove this spirit invasion on Earth. I do it automatically all of the time, but I also interact individually with clients to assist them with their own healing. I connect a human’s spirit world to our Universe quickly. I watch and see the changes as the negative spirit world is purged and merged with our Universe. Wonderful positive feelings are instantly felt. Anxiety is released forever.

My healing is appropriate for many ailments these days. I work with people who have had all kinds of trauma. I am especially skilled and successful with removing childhood trauma from the human body. Trauma is just a very heavy layer of spiritual energy. No matter what a human has experienced, that trauma can be released through my healing. Nothing is impossible anymore.

Spirits are purging and they’re done. I am the Universe Family Healer who has the Universe connection. Contact me to get rid of your spirit invasion. Heal from the past and live free.