April 15 in Universe Time

Today is amazing because a lot of things have changed in the USA. April 15 is the traditional tax filing deadline here but as we know that is all changed now. Instead, April 15 is the day when you can look up your eligibility status on the IRS website and see if you are getting your stimulus payment.

Americans are receiving money back from the US government right now. This is making people feel good again. The stimulus checks are arriving in large numbers and making sure that essential bills can be paid. People have been sent home to get rid of the coronavirus pandemic. This is new for our planet. 

I see this as the way our Universe is purging the spiritual sickness from our planet. It happened 100 years ago (Pandemic influenza) and 10 years ago (Swine influenza). I see the cycles and understand what that means. No one else is referring to this as I do. I know that a powerful Universe Time is making the coronavirus pandemic change everything on planet Earth.

I am hoping that this is the last pandemic that we will experience too. Our planet has been heavily infested with spiritual energy for a very long time. There is so much of it everywhere. Our Universe has a lot of work to do to pull this mass of bad energy away from us and take it somewhere else. Those people heavily infested with spiritual energy are not going to survive. They will succumb to this virus and their spirit worlds are being purged into our Universe.

As this continues less of this spiritual energy has the ability to maintain itself here on planet Earth. Social distancing is keeping people at home and separating the spiritual worlds at the same time. Spirit worlds need to be contained around a human host for survival. When a spirit world is separated from other people’s spirit worlds it degrades quickly.

I am documenting this occurrence as it happens in real time.

This is how we heal our planet. There is no other way to get it done.

April 15 always was the USA tax day, and now it has been transformed. Maybe the tax day slowly disappears from our planet. That is something to watch and observe in the near future.

Universe Time is in control now. We are not living in Spiritual Time anymore. That was in our planet’s past. Spirit control over planet Earth is over. Universe Family Healing is the reason we are now living in the reality of Universe Time.

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