My Boring Time Ended

Actually after I posted that last one, I was able to do what I needed to do. It was to intermingle with the current people in this place. I did that and I felt a lot better. But it still is a little boring here. So I play with the kittys and help them heal too. And that is what I have been doing today. I heal animals!

I discovered that I could totally heal cats. There is a huge amount of spiritual energy surrounding every cat! And ofcourse if there is spiritual energy present my outstanding healing abilities get rid of it very quickly. Once a cat has its spiritual world attached to our Universe, amazing things happen. For example, a cat attracts everyone’s spiritual worlds to itself. So, by healing the cats of a household, the whole household gets healed automatically!

That is happening here right now where I live. I finally was able to do a real healing session with the cats today. It works so well. I know that everything’s going my way again after that brief negative time yesterday. All is good now. I see the results of my purging from last night already. The negative people are connecting with other negative people and leaving this household. Finally!

So I had to post again right away because I know that even though I am in total control of my life, there are times when a negative setup tries to take over briefly and that is what happened yesterday. Today is totally new and different. I am moving forward just fine. I have my January 2020 calendar on the wall with goals already written there. I am going with the flow as always and it works.