The End of a Spiritual Decade

Looking so forward to a new year ahead. As I rest here I am purging out the remainder of 10 long years. 2009, where, was I? I was trying to stay in the nursing profession. I tried to work in a school district as a nurse but it never worked out. I left another toxic school environment in Marin County. My professional career time ended in 2009. I simply could not continue doing that job anymore. All of those years of working and educational pursuits ended abruptly.

For the next 10 years I struggled to make ends meet. I had very little income most of the time. I was not aware of the fact that I was a Universe Family Healer back then. I was still under the control of a spiritual layering.  But, apparently I was also purging this spiritual layering around me. I lived through these years and began to understand more about what I was naturally doing. Leaving a toxic negative work environment allowed me to be the real me more and more.

I am saying that this past decade is finally ending. This means the spiritual control over me is gone. Spirits seem to setup cycles of 3, 10 etc. Living through these cycles allows a purging so there is no more repeats!

I know that 2020 is the beginning of my real world. No more school work setups are on me. That is over and done. I will never work in a school setting again. Instead I will be working as Universe Family Healer.

This is very important because I was so setup to be working in toxic negative environments. Now, those times are gone. There are no controls over me or my income. I hear the spirits chanting “Internet” now as the are purged and merged into our Universe. Not really sure what that means but it definitely is going to be in my favor.

Yes, I look at 2020 as a very exciting time. All good things are ahead because this decade of spiritual control is finally over! Only a few more days and it is done. The spirits are done. They cannot repeat another decade. They have been purged out into our Universe and will forever be gone.