Purging Relationship Setups- A Big Thing is Happening

Right now, the current status of Universe Family Healing involves the purging and merging of spiritual relationship setups. This means that one after another all relationship setups are ending and moving into our Universe. This is obviously a very good thing as these relationship setups are not real at all.

I laugh at the situations I have encountered over the last few weeks as one after another man suddenly is after me for a date. This is obviously spiritual and just gets purged away. I see this happening with the other people I live with here in this house.

I imagine this could be happening in other parts of the planet too.

Spiritual setups regarding relationships have controlled humans for a very long time. Spirits and spirit worlds depend on the human relationship for their existence. Without this setup in great numbers the spirit worlds tend to crumble and fall apart. That is what is happening right now!

Universe Family Healing effectively purges and merges away all spiritual setups including those regarding relationships. It is so obvious when this setup is purging. It is amazing that it still was happening here with me but of course it is quickly removed by our Universe. Nothing can stop the reuniting of birth families now. As these spiritual relationship setups are purged away for good all birth family members are naturally returning to the family. This happens now.

This is the current status of Universe Family Healer and I am updating my blog frequently as changes are occurring faster now. I am making it very clear that all is going well as we move forward every day. Those spiritual setups are not in our way!