After The Drama Is Over There Is Quiet

That is what I feel its happening right now. All of the negative mess is way far away from me. I am living on the edge of Yuma doing exactly what I need to do, pay rent and keep purging. That is all I am doing right now. That is my current status.

I am not involved in the holiday season at all. I know it is here but I do not interact with it. This month is just the last month of the year. I live the same way everyday. I do the same things. I continue to purge spiritual energy 24/7. I never stop being Healer.

“When Healer comes through, that’s it we’re done.”

Spirits chant this as they leave our planet and go forth into our Universe. They are done!

So, today, it is December 5, 2019. I continue to donate plasma and earn money honestly to pay my weekly rent. I feel that is all I have to do right now. There seems to be nothing else for me. I am awaiting a positive change soon. I know it is coming up very quickly. I am stable and living my real life.

The quiet around me is very comforting. Although the traffic noise is there, I feel the quietness of my life. I have no legal or financial issues. I am not in any trouble here at all. I can continue to do what I am supposed to be doing, purging and merging spiritual energy into our Universe’s magnetic current. I am happy that I am able to do this function. I am the only one who talks about this so I know I am unique. The spirits call me an original. I am original and new.

The spiritual drama has left me for good. It could not do anything to me this time. I feel it is the very last setup of drama that the spirits had for me. I can safely move forward without any further drama around me. It is done.