I Provide Healing Sessions; Our Universe Is Wide Open

I am here. I can heal anyone anywhere on planet Earth! I am a very powerful Universe Family Healer. Please read through my blog and website. I have been going with the flow for several years and it has taken me back to my homeland.

Many years ago I was taken away from my birth family here in Yuma, AZ by a very negative married couple. These people wanted the status of a large family without going through the natural process. They had already taken a baby away from another mother and so this was not hard at all for them. They had a very sleazy lawyer do this for them. It was not totally legal though. So, somehow they got away with it and took me from the safe and loving arms of my mother and father.

I somehow survived for over 55 years in other places. I went to school, and got married. The marriage was not good at all. After 24 years of that setup I got rid of that devil and moved me and my sons to a new home. That was a long time ago but it shows even then how powerful I was. I was able to survive with my sons for over 10 years in that new place, Meadow Park, In Novato Ca. Then it was  time for me to return here to Yuma. I guess my birth family here needed me too.

However, it has been almost 4 long years of going with the flow in the Yuma. I have been basically living through this time with my own knowing and the help of my loving sons. But it is getting very tiresome really. I have this powerful ability that no one else has and yet it it still elusive, this reunion with birth family here in Yuma. When is this going to happen? It is now December 2, 2019.

One set up after another I live through, patiently waiting for all of them to be over and done. I know that I am winning because I am always purging the spirits out my open window, wherever I may be living. Right now I am in a room which I rent in Yuma. I was in an apartment but of course that set up ended about 2 months ago. I am living on the edge of Yuma now at the end of a 10 years cycle wondering if this is really the right time, right place, and right people?

During 2009, I was in the last days of working as a credentialed school nurse in CA, USA. I had to leave that whole professional world behind me as it became very toxic and negative. I had to leave professional nursing in 2013 and officially retired from the nursing profession. I decided it was not the right career choice for me after all.

I have gone beyond the nursing profession. I cannot go back there ever. My healing has taken me away from nursing. Many years ago, nursing was all about the natural healing ways, but over the ages, nursing became a subcategory of the medical realm. Sadly, it is not what it was supposed to be. I suppose no nurses from the past could heal like I do. They simply could not get it done right.

I achieved a high educational degree, MSN. I worked hard to meet my educational goals. However, none of those educational pursuits made me into a Universe Family Healer. Now, I am just being the real and natural me. I created Universe Family Healing and document what it is and how it works right here on my blog. I am approaching 6 years here on WordPress!

I am powerful and real. The Universe flows through my hands and pulls away spiritual energy from human bodies. Now who else is saying and doing those things in today’s world? Only me. I am powerfully connected to our Universe’s magnetic current. It is here in my room and removing spiritual energy all of the time from my human body! It is amazing. Contact me to get your connection. I am the real deal.