The Negatives Are Not In Control Of Me

Spiritual energy setups rely upon human beings who are under their total control. Spirits can mind control humans quite easily without it being known. This quiet manipulation of the human body is ongoing still in most of the world. People are just doing what they are told to do because they are still celebrating those negative holidays like Thanksgiving.

They are still relying upon a turkey meal. They are still loaded down with their spiritual world. Most of the humans on our planet are like this, but not everyone is doing those things anymore. Those of us who have left that negative time are not participating in negative holidays.

Once the holiday setup is gone from a human body, it cannot return no matter where that human being is currently living. I observe what happens during these holidays but I do not participate with any of it at all. I simply continue my routine as I have a very powerful ability to move forward and not be swept away anywhere.

I can live nearby but not be a victim to that ritual holiday mess. I don’t eat animal products anymore. I don’t appreciate the holiday of Thanksgiving. I spent too many of them with a very fake family and never want to have that happen again.

The point is that even though I am not reunited with my birth family yet, I still do not bond with a household of people who are not my family members. I do not feel obligated at all to make a holiday anything. I left that far behind me and it never returned. It never will. I live a real life and can do what I need to do right now to keep moving forward. I will not fall down and be a victim to holidays. I remember the stress involved with trying to do the holidays. What a very bad time of the year the holiday season has become.

Universe Family Healing allows me to continue to do everyday what I really need to do and usually it is some small things to make me feel good. I walk to get my bottled drinking water. I walk to get personal care items. That’s it for today. I do whatever is necessary and then I rest. I never have to make a bad decision and go elsewhere. Nothing is going wrong now. It is just the end of anther spiritually setup year that needs to be purged into our Universe, put in the past, and forgotten.

The negatives are not in control at all. They are seen for what they really are, a bunch of nasty people who cannot really heal at all. They are totally saturated with spiritual energy and their bodies are already degrading away. I watch them fall down and let it happen. Our Universe makes sure that those people are not in control anymore. Their time is over.