As The Drama Unfolds Here I Observe From A Distance

I observe what is happening without being involved. I know what is going on, a lot of boring nonsense, all very spiritually fueled. I therefore continue to observe from a distance and purge out this spiritual mess. There is a lot of spiritual games being played here but I am not involved with any of them. I control what is going on because I purge the spirit energies that fuel the drama.

It is rather tiresome to see these people play out this drama. But I also know that it will end eventually. There is no spiritual control here because we are living in Universe Time. All that happens is a spiritual purging process layer by layer. I see repeating behavior episodes one after another as they start up and end abruptly. I know that I am not really involved in any of them. I am living here temporarily of course as I continue moving forward closer to my birth family.

Today and this weekend we are having a yard sale. I will be involved with it a little. I am selling some of my hand crocheted shawls. I am selling a few other items I no longer need or want. As I move forward I lighten the load a little and it feels so good. Purging unwanted or unneeded items is a very important part of Universe Family Healing. I have been purging items for a very long time now. I have little left to purge. My purging time is coming to an end. But, I still have a few things left to purge and I will do that this weekend and be successful as I always have been.

Universe Family Healing is an automatic way to reconnect and reunite with birth family members. I am living this amazing phenomenon. It is the only way I would ever find my birth family! I am on my own and I know this alone time will be ending soon. I will be with my family once again. Nothing stops me from reuniting with my mother and father.

This time, I will succeed and control everything that the spiritual world did to me when I was too young to get rid of them. Now, I am able to take back everything that was stolen from me. My identity, my real birth family, and my homeland are all coming my way and it stays that way forever.





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