Reuniting Birth Families in Yuma AZ

I am documenting this today that I am reuniting birth families here in Yuma. I am actively involved with this process. Everyday, I hear about a birth family coming closer together again. It happens automatically. It happens daily. I am real. I am happy to hear about these events. I know that our Universe is involved making it happen. I am totally connected and removing the spiritual layers in around each human here. All of a sudden there are people calling family members from long ago. Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. I know that soon it will be my turn. I wait patiently for that to happen. I know that it happens at the right time always for that is the Universe way.

Universe Family Healing is a powerful healing modality that is my own creation. I am the only Healer alive doing this. I document its reality frequently here on my blog. I make sure that I explain how it works in simple language. There is a powerful magnetic current in our outside atmosphere that encircles the entire Universe.

This current travels southeast. It is not connected to a wind condition. It always travel southeast! I know this because that is where I hear the spiritual noises travelling as they leave my home and lift up into the sky. I hear and feel them move extremely fast. This magnetic current is what takes all of the spiritual energy layers away from human bodies. Spiritual energy is highly negative and very magnetic. Spiritual energy is composed of magnetite, a highly magnetic mineral that is found in the human body and brain. I have this ability to connect to other people’s spiritual worlds and move those spirits away from them and into our Universe.

I try to make this easy to understand for you. I am a real human. I am a real Universe Family Healer. I want to help other humans reunite with their long lost birth family members. I am slowly getting closer to my own birth family. I was stolen from my mother and father when I was very young. I was taken away from my homeland at 2 years old. I was put into a fake spiritual world in CA, USA. I was made to pretend to be someone else entirely. I was given a fake name and fake birthdate. I even received a fake Social Security number as well. This deception continued for most of my life. I somehow finally was able to move farther and farther away from these spiritual worlds in CA that kept me captive.

Universe Family Healing is the way to accurately reunite with a birth family. I do not rely on DNA as that technology has been proven to be inaccurate. I do not go that way. I simple allow the spiritual energies to purge and this automatically brings me and other people’s birth family members closer. Once these spiritual energies are gone, all family members feel comfortable and can reunite easily. All birth family members heal at the same time. This is an amazing and totally natural phenomenon that allows life to continue. Once spiritual worlds are purged into our Universe they cannot return to our planet Earth.

If you are suffering from a separated birth family, you probably are also suffering from Disrupted Birth Family Trauma. I can easily heal this problem away from you. Seeing a counselor or psychiatrist does nothing to remove the spiritual layers. Infact, all they do is add their own spiritual worlds to the situation. Of course they cannot heal away the real problem. Those medical professionals are not connected to our Universe and can never do what I do!

I hope that you understand this and know that we are now living in Universe Time. Our spiritual time is in the past. We have a living planet once again. Planet Earth is the only planet where life exists. We will not die as other planets did in the past. We have Universe Family Healing which is the only solution to a spiritually infested human population. The spiritual infestation is slowly being removed by our Universe. Do your part and get better connected by contacting me for a Universe Family Healing session. It is the right thing to do right now.

I charge a fee of $200.00 US for a Universe Family Healing session. Payment is through a PayPal invoice. I require payment prior to our healing session. We chat on the cell phone or I can make a home visit if you are locally here in Yuma, AZ, USA. One session and you are instantly connected to me and the Universe. Contact me by email to get this all going.