Universe Family Healing: A Totally Real And Natural Phenomenon

As October comes to a close tomorrow, I reflect back on this past month and how I have lived through it and moved forward. This automatic time called Universe Time is so amazing. I continue to do what is necessary everyday. I cannot make a mistake. I know that I am going to be reunited with family soon. I know this happens. 

I have adjusted constantly to the changes I experience right now. I am adjusting once more. I experience a minor defeat and instantly adjust to it and know what I must do. I cannot be stopped. There is no stopping me. My hands continue to purge spiritual energies all the time. I have the power of the Universe in my hands.

So, as this month quickly leaves and is behind me, I look forward and move forward. I am not afraid of anything that is going to happen as I know that everything gets better every single day. I am very sure of that. My days in the background are ending. I am finally going to be seen for who I really am: a powerful Universe Family Healer.

I am real. I am here to help humans heal and release all spiritual worlds. This happens continuously now. We are going to live and create a beautiful loving planet. The bad people are fading still and dying. They are not in control now. They will never be in control again.

I provide Universe Family Healing sessions to all humans on plant Earth.. They are $50.00 per session; payment is via Paypal invoice. I require payment before the session. Contact me on my email to schedule your session: