Moving Forward Happens Easily During Universe Time

I live in Universe Time. My spiritual world is not in control of me. I am in control of it. I no longer live with a spiritual world attached and controlling me. Our Universe’s magnetic current is pulling this spiritual energy web away from me constantly everyday. I am moving forward and seeing the fun part of my healing time right in front of me. In fact I am living the fun part right now! I can predict what happens everyday and it happens. This is the fun part!

I am not in early healing any more. I have been healing for a very long time. I returned to my my homeland almost 4 years ago and continued moving closer to my birth family. Every time I physically move to a new location I get closer to them. I interact with them and they are not even realizing I am part of their family. But I know that I am. This has happened a few times and was necessary to help them start their own healing in a very direct way.

I describe how this healing works in real time. No one has ever been through healing like this and I know how powerful and real Universe Family Healing really is. I live through it and describe my current situation here on my blog. I keep moving forward and amazing things keep happening. I am reuniting other birth families all of the time. I interact with the family members to get this wonderful reunion time happening for them. I know that soon my family reunion will be here. Long lost fathers and mothers are reuniting with children. That is what happens right now, at the right time, at the right place, with the right people. Simple and easy: Universe Time.

I am nearing the end of my healing. I can tell that this is finally almost over. I know that soon I will be living with my birth family members. I know this is real. I go with the flow and it happens easily at the right time. Everyone is comfortable and ready for this event to happen. No one is upset or afraid. It all is so much fun because Universe Family Healing led the way!

Universe Family Healing is my own healing creation. I am able to reunite birth family members the right way, so that everyone is healing at the same time. Birth family reunions happen because everyone is ready to be back together. All spiritual worlds have been purged away and all that remains are the real human family bonds.

Ofcourse birth families want to live close together. Spiritual worlds separate birth families completely but now that time is over. We live in Universe Time and purge the spirits far away from us. Our planet Earth lives on with humans in control, not the spirits. We banish the spirits from our planet. They cannot survive without us as their host so they all die. That is the best ending ever and this is real, not science fiction.

Spirits are just human parasites who had total control for awhile, but their time is over now. Spiritual time and spirituality is ended because I was able to purge them away. Universe Family Healing is the only healing modality that can do this. I have a secure connection to our Universe’s magnetic current. No other healer in the history of humans has ever done this before me.

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