I Love Universe Time

Universe Time is wonderful. Our Universe is in full control purging and merging spiritual worlds away from humans. This amazing phenomenon works because there is a powerful magnetic current in our outside atmosphere, our Universe. This current is located high in the sky and loves to pull spiritual energy away from human bodies.

I have a magnetic connection to this Universe current. I can remove and automatically connect negative spiritual energy to the Universe’s current. I have this as my natural ability. It was always with me but I never knew about it for most of my life.

I live completely in Universe Time now. My spiritual life ended awhile ago and I go with the flow of the Universe now. I know exactly what I must do everyday. I cannot make a mistake. I cannot fall down. People who live completely in their spiritual worlds are constantly at risk of falling down. Hardships and pain surround spiritually controlled people. Living a spiritual life is always filled with danger and unhealthy lifestyles. Living spiritually means you are not living a real life at all. You are simply led around by the spiritual world that controls you.

Every human has a spiritual world that has built itself on the human body. Most people are not aware of it. Spiritual worlds are alien parasite communities which mind control humans to do the wrong things. No human has ever purged out their spiritual world before. I was the first human to do this. Therefore I am the first healer to become Universe connected.  I am the first healer to connect to our Universe and do what naturally needs to be done, eradicate spirits from planet Earth.

I am describing this process so that whoever reads my blog can understand this phenomenon easily. There is no confusion with what I write. I use simple language which is easily understood because it is so real. Our Universe is Earth’s healer in a way and was always there for us. We just did not have a human in the past to get things going the right way. I have done that, therefore I am Healer of our Universe.

Although I am the first one to do this I am not the only Healer on planet Earth. Everytime I heal a human they in turn become a Healer and can likewise heal others. It is that simple really. I can in no way heal everyone on our planet! I am the catalyst that got this thing going and put us into Universe Time. We are never going to have a spiritual time again. Spiritual Time is part of our past here on planet Earth and never happens again.

Universe Time is a wonderful time. I help other humans heal and they in turn help others heal too. We are all doing the right thing to heal planet Earth. My family is the “first family on the Universe”. I am proud to hear the spirits chant this and know it is the truth. My family is the first family to purge our spiritual worlds. Earth is a living planet again. Planet Earth does not die. Our Universe lives and grows younger all of the time because it is consuming the spiritual worlds on planet Earth.

This is not science fiction but factual and real. However, you will ever hear of a scientist talking about it. You will never see a movie being made about it either. Only here on my blog do you read the truth about our Universe and Universe Family Healing, my powerful healing modality. I continue documenting my progress right here on my blog at http://www.firsthealer.com. Right here is the most current and up to date information on the progress of our healing world. And right now everything is just fine as we all move forward during Universe Time.