Universe Family Healing Brings Birth Families Back Together, Safely, At the Right Time

I have blogged many times about the overall health benefits of my healing modality, Universe Family Healing.  I know what it does to help humans overcome many health problems. I am still relatively unknown in the great big world of planet Earth. I know I can effectively heal away mental health problems easily. Those mental health professionals are all scam artists. They are not able to remove spiritual energy layers that cause mental health problems.

Going to a mental health professional for treatment is a waste of time and money. It only helps the psychiatrist or therapist, not the client. In the future those so-called professionals will not exist. They are so ineffective yet still reap all of the rewards when they are highly paid for doing nothing. They are still looked upon as the experts in their field. They cannot provide real healing services at all. In fact, their own spiritual energies add to the problem. Because they are so highly spiritual, they are all falling down during Universe Time when their spiritual worlds are purged.

There are so many positive benefits from my healing modality. I can make a huge list but I won’t right now. I will say that Universe Family Healing is 100% accurate and effective in removing the spiritual world around a human body. From that point, real healing occurs. It is that simple. The negative spiritual energy fields are removed and this allows only real living. Unsafe lifestyles fade away. Drug and alcohol use are also eliminated. The traumas of our childhood are not stopping any of us now who connect those energies to our Universe. There is no limit on this either. Spiritual energy purging never stops ever!

My healing also brings disrupted birth families back together. This makes us all very happy. Instead of living far apart from our birth family members we are all reuniting and living in the same area. What a fun time this is. As the spiritual worlds are eliminated, this happens quite naturally because of course we want our family members around us! This happens world-wide no matter what country you are living in. This amazing phenomenon is available to every human on planet Earth.

So, in addition to releasing childhood traumas and living a safe and healthy lifestyle, we are reuniting with our real birth families. We leave the fake families far behind us and become reacquainted with our birth family members. This is a gradual occurrence in the right direction. There is no other health and wellness service available anywhere like mine. I can do this for anyone on planet Earth. It is so easily done with a simple cell phone call. Yes, by cell phone this happens. I have proven it over and over.

So say goodbye to those fake drug rehab programs and family therapy sessions. None of those things work and they do not offer real healing. I do. Contact me instead to get yourself connected to our Universe. You will go with the flow and leave your negative world far behind you. You will never think about those bad people again. They will be gone from your life forever.

I am Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer. I was a professional RN for many years and finally left that negative world far behind me. I am being me finally. I am a powerful, strong Healer. I can do what others cannot do. Leave your fears behind and email me. It is going to be just fine!