That Deja Vu Thing is Happening Right Now

I am in the middle of a very powerful purging time. I practically know what is going to happen. This spiritual setup has been around me for a very long time. I watch the people who I am living around go through the setup as they are so entrenched in it. I mention to them that this is very much “deja vu”, meaning “already seen” in French. I am here purging out most of this set up so only the right things are happening.

I am powerfully connected to our Universe so our Universe is active and in control of this home environment. That means, our Universe’s magnetic current is pulling away the spiritual worlds around every human here where I presently live. This is very cool really. I go with the flow and know exactly what to do each day and cannot make a mistake!

Everyday I make sure that the good people are in control. There are good and bad people around me right now. The bad ones have been in total control. That is ending quickly now. The bad people here cannot continue without their spiritual worlds intact and controlling everything. These nasty people cannot survive without their spiritual worlds. Somehow these bad people will fall down and fade away. For example, trucks break down or are confiscated by legal authorities, jobs fade out, money disappears etc. That is all that happens now with these bad people. It is happening right before my eyes.

So this deja vu time is kind of fun, but still is not the best time. The best of times are right in front of me with money, jobs, cars, and mainly birth family all around me. The bad people will not have any of that now. I finally made it to this time where I practically know what is going to happen every day and cannot make even one mistake!

Now that is a very good way to live isn’t it?