I am Healer, Strong, Powerful, Brave, Fearless

I keep repeating this to myself these days. It seems the right thing to do right now. I certainly can move forward by myself as I have been doing these past few years. Although I prefer not to have to be alone doing this, it seems the only way to make our world into a Universe Time world.

I accept it and take a deep breath. I know that this is only temporary and not long lasting. I know that this alone time ends in the near future. I do miss my family so much. But, I can move forward and purge out every negative environment I have to live through. I can do this. I can!

I can do everything I must do as I am the only person to have ever purged out the spirits here on planet Earth. No one else is doing this except me. I am real and powerful and actively moving massive amounts of spiritual worlds into our Universe. It is happening everyday here in Yuma, AZ, USA, my homeland.

I want to have a normal life. I want to get up and go to work everyday like I used to do. I want to have a car again like I always did. I especially want to have my family around me too. I want all of those things and that is why I purge and merge this negative spiritual energy constantly. I know I am winning in this fight for humanity. I know because I see the big picture.

This is an enormous task I have been dealt with. Why me? I do not know that answer. I just keep going with the flow every single day and know that my efforts are working. The bad people are being dealt with accordingly. Those bad people are not getting away with their evil deeds at all. We all see them finally for who they are. They cannot hide behind a blanket of negative energy anymore. They are losing their power as their spiritual worlds collapse and disintegrate. I see this all of the time now. I know that Universe Time is in full control.

Moving forward in October, I have finally made it to this time. I pretty much know what is going to happen. I just have to live through everything. So that is what I do. I simply am being me finally for the first time in my life. I cannot change who I am.

I am Healer, powerful, strong, and brave, and I will always be here to purge out evil in my homeland.